PLASTIC CLOTHING - it's the lifestyle.

The PLASTIC clothing mission

The P Guarantee

All of our products must meet the following design criteria to fit within the Plastic clothing mission:

  1. Purpose: Every piece of gear we design must be based on a want or need of our athletes
  2. Style: All product designs start with fashion-forward thinking. Apparel choices act as an extension of one’s personality. We pride ourselves for not duplicating other products, but rather refining and adding our unique style to each one.
  3. Promise: All Plastic products must be reliable, functional, and of the highest quality.

In the twenty years of doing business in the Apparel industry, one thing has become very clear. The world does not need any more brands that aren’t providing a service to their customers. We strive to anticipate trends, dictate quality standards, and support the volleyball community that has been supporting us for so many years. Take a moment and browse our store. We sell out of styles quickly and come up with new ones because our customers ask for it. Welcome!

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