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About Us

About Us

The PLASTIC clothing story started in 1998, just about the time the short volleyball shorts were beginning to look silly. My friends and I didn’t like the fit of the surf shorts that were available; they were made to fit surfer kids, not competitive athletes. So a few of us got together, searched for some cool fabric and got to work in a garage in South Mission Beach, California. I had worked a few days cutting fabric for my neighbors’ jacket company and learned how to make patterns. I worked after dark in the garage with my favorite shorts, taking the best attributes from each style to piece together what I thought would be a good looking, great fitting pair of beach volleyball shorts.

A guy named Stanley stitched them up for us in his garage. Stanley had just sold his clothing manufacturing business and still had some machines.  The shorts he put together from the pattern looked great but didn’t fit quite right. We changed the pattern, and changed it again, and again. When we got it right, we moved on to other products and created a Plastic Clothing logo – there was room in the industry to make things better, so we did it… and continue to do it today.

We continue to design clothing specifically for the sports we love and the athletes that play them. Today, PLASTIC clothing is one of the premier faces of the volleyball lifestyle and we couldn’t be prouder.

Our customers are our friends and they are the reason we’re here. If you know us, you know our brand represents something more than a word or a company – It stands for the lifestyle we all love and enjoy.

PLASTIC …It’s the Lifestyle

See you on the court!


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